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Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day

Certified Candidates in Ballot Order for November 6, 2018

General Election*



                     Candidate Name                   Party

Corey  A. Stewart                    R

Timothy  M.  Kaine                  D

Matt  J. Waters                        L



District 1

Candidate Name

Robert J. “Rob” Wittman

Vangie A. Williams




District 8

Candidate Name

Thomas S. Oh







Donald S. Beyer, Jr.


District 2

Candidate Name








District 9

Candidate Name



Scott W. Taylor






Elaine G. Luria



H. Morgan Griffith






Anthony J. Flaccavento


District 3

Candidate Name








District 10

Candidate Name



Robert C. “Bobby” Scott









Barbara J. Comstock


District 4

Candidate Name



Jennifer T. Wexton



Ryan A. McAdams


District 11

Candidate Name



A. Donald McEachin






Peter J. “Pete” Wells



Jeff A. Dove Jr.






Gerald Edward Connolly


District 5

Candidate Name



Stevan M. Porter



Denver L. Riggleman, III






Leslie C. Cockburn


R Republican






D Democratic



District 6

Candidate Name


L Libertarian






I Independent




Ben L. Cline



Jennifer Lynn Lewis


District 7

Candidate Name



Dave A. Brat



Abigail A. Spanberger



Joseph B. Walton



2018 November Special Election, House of Delegates


 8th District                                                                                                                                            

Localities with precincts in the 8th District:


 Republican           Joseph P. "Joe" McNamara              McNamara for Delegate - PO Box 21094 - Roanoke, VA 24018

          Democratic             E. Carter Turner III                           PO Box 758 - Elliston, VA  24087  


In November 2017, Virginia elected 19 new Delegates….

In what is being termed the Trump Bump, Virginia’s House Majority Caucus experienced one of the worst and disastrous election nights in the Commonwealth’s history as 15 incumbent Republicans were relieved of their duties. Not only that, the party’s 51-49 (previously 66-34) majority power teeters on a tightrope while waiting for the completion of three recounts that if the Democrats win just one will force the House into party parity.


After reviewing vote totals and talking to incumbent Delegates themselves, one commonality stands out. The Democratic voters showed up to vote but not because they feel strongly about the Virginia General Assembly. Instead, they are angry at President Trump. 


So angry in fact, they were willing to oust long-serving and senior Delegates that comprised a diverse body of expertise and knowledge. Republicans such as Delegate John O’Bannon, also known as “Doc O’Bannon”, a doctor who served on Appropriations many feel is the most stunning loss as well as the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Delegate Ron Villanueva of Virginia Beach. These are just an example of the loss of talent, and loyal retail champions that will step to aside for the 2018 House Newbies.


Of interest to retailers, the new Democratic Delegates accepted substantial donations during their campaigns from labor union pacs and political organizations out of Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida and California. For example, the Let America Vote Victory Fund, housed in Washington, D.C. receives large amounts of funding from Win Virginia who receives large donations from investment bankers and venture capitalists at firms such as Greylock Management ($300,000) based in California and Paloma Partners Advisors Inc in Florida ($100,000), according to the Virginia Public Access Project, a watchdog website. Another big player giving political contributions was CASA in Action, a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization designed for legislative and political advocacy in support of Latinos and immigrants in Maryland and Virginia.


While we wait for the results of the recounts to determine which party will rule over the House, here are some details on the newly  elected officials, 19 in all, that will be joining the 2018 General Assembly.

  • Delegate-elect Jennifer Carroll Foy (D) - 2nd District
  • Delegate-elect Wendy Gooditis (D) - 10th District
  • Delegate-elect Danica Roem (D) 13th District
  • Delegate-elect Bob Thomas (R) 28th District
  • Delegate-elect Elizabeth Guzman (D)  31st District
  • Delegate-elect David Reid  (D) 32nd District
  • Delegate-elect Kathy Tran (D) 42nd District
  • Delegate-elect Lee Carter (D) 50th District
  • Delegate-elect Hala Ayala (D) 51st District
  • Delegate-elect Karrie Delaney (D) 67th District
  • Delegate-elect Chris Hurst (D) - 12th District
  • Delegate-elect Kelly FowlerD (Villanueva) 21st District
  • Delegate-elect Emily Brewer  (R) 64th District
  • Delegate-elect Cheryl Turpin (D) 85th District
  • Delegate-elect Jay Jones (D) 89th District
  • Delegate-elect John McGuire (R) 56th District
  • Delegate-elect Dawn Adams (D) 68th District
  • Delegate-elect Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) 72nd District
  • Delegate-elect Debra Rodman (D) 73rd District

Commonwealth of Virginia

2017 House General Elections



Election Date: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017


Candidate for Governor

Gillespie, Ed (R)

Northam, Ralph (D)

Hyra, Cliff (L)


Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Vogel, Jill (R)

Fairfax, Justin (D)


Candidate for Attorney General

Adams, John (R)

Herring, Mark* (D)


Contested Race





HD 1

Alicia Kallen

Terry Kilgore*


HD 2

Jennifer Carroll Foy

Mike Makee


HD 3

Bill Bunch

Will Morefield*


HD 6


Jeff Campbell*

Kenneth Browning

HD 7

Flo Ketner

Nick Rush*


HD 8

Steve McBride

Greg Habeeb*


HD 9

Stephanie Cook

Charles Poindexter*


HD 10

Wendy Gooditis

Randy Minchew*


HD 12

Chris Hurst

Joseph Yost*


HD 13

Danica Roem

Bob Marshall*


HD 17

Djuna Osborne

Christopher Head*


HD 18

Tristan Shields

Michael Webert*

Will King

HD 20

Michele Edwards

Dickie Bell*

Will Hammer

HD 21

Kelly Fowler

Ron Villanueva*


HD 23

Natalie Short

Scott Garrett*


HD 24


Ben Cline*

John Winfrey

HD 25

Angela Lynn

Steve Landes*


HD 26

Brent Finnegan

Tony Wilt*


HD 27

Larry Barnett

Roxann Robinson*


HD 28

Joshua Cole

Bob Thomas


HD 29

Casey Turben

Chris Collins*


HD 30

Ben Hixon

Nick Freitas*


HD 31

Elizabeth Guzman

Scott Lingamfelter*

Nathan Larson

HD 32

David Reid

Tag Greason*


HD 33

Tia Walbridge

Dave LaRock*


HD 34

Kathleen Murphy*

Cheryl Buford


HD 38

Kaye Kory*

Paul Haring


HD 40

Donte Tanner

Tim Hugo*


HD 42

Kathy Tran

Lolita Mancheno-Smoak


HD 49

Alfonso Lopez*

Adam Roosevelt


HD 50

Lee Carter

Jackson Miller*


HD 51

Hala Ayala

Rich Anderson*


HD 53

Marcus Simon*


Mike Casey

HD 54

Al Durante

Bobby Orrock*


HD 55

Morgan Goodman

Buddy Fowler*


HD 56

Melissa Dart

John McGuire


HD 58

Kellen Squire

Rob Bell*


HD 59

Tracy Carver

Matt Fariss*

David Ball

Marcus Sutphin

HD 60

Jamaal Johnston

James Edmunds*


HD 62

Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Riley Ingram*


HD 64

Rebecca Colaw

Emily Brewer


HD 65

Francis Stevens

Lee Ware*


HD 66

Katie Sponsler

Kirk Cox*


HD 67

Karrie Delaney

Jim LeMunyon*


HD 68

Dawn Adams

Manoli Loupassi*


HD 69

Betsy Carr*


Jake Crocker

Montigue Magruder

HD 72

Schuyler VanValkenburg

Eddie Whitlock


HD 73

Debra Rodman

John O'Bannon*


HD 74

Lamont Bagby*


Preston Brown

HD 77

Cliff Hayes*


Jeff Staples

HD 81

Kimberly Tucker

Barry Knight*


HD 82

Leigh Anne Bowling

Jason Miyares*


HD 83

David Rose-Carmack

Chris Stolle*


HD 84

Veronica Coleman

Glenn Davis*


HD 85

Cheryl Turpin

Rocky Holcomb*


HD 86

Jennifer Boysko*

Linda Schulz


HD 87

John Bell*

Subba Kolla


HD 88

Steve Aycock

Mark Cole*

Gerald Anderson

Amanda Blalock

HD 89

Jay Jones


Terry Hurst

HD 91

Michael Wade

Gordon Helsel*


HD 93

Mike Mullin*

Heather Cordasco


HD 94

Shelly Simonds

David Yancey*

Michael Bartley

HD 96

Kelly DeLucia

Brenda Pogge*


HD 97

Cori Johnson

Chris Peace*


HD 98

Sheila Crowley

Keith Hodges*


HD 99

Francis Edwards

Margaret Ransone*


HD 100

Willie Randall

Rob Bloxom*



* Incumbent

The VRMA Elections Report will be posted in the Members Only Section. 

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